Gavin Lockley’s Morgan’s Run – The Musical
Lyrics by Colleen McCullough - Composed by Gavin Lockley

The Story

“Morgan’s Run – The Musical” is the world’s first musical tribute to the members of the “First Fleet”, and had its world premiere at the Springwood Civic Centre, Springwood, New South Wales, from 21 May to 5 June, 2011.


Based on Colleen McCullough’s epic novel “Morgan’s Run” it traces the adventures of one “First Fleet” convict, Richard Morgan, during his transportation to Australia and his later voyage to Norfolk Island, where he chose to settle for the rest of his days.


On 13 May 1787 the convoy of 11 “First Fleet” ships set sail from Portsmouth, England, bound for Australia.  Led by Captain Arthur Phillip, the convoy carried officers, crew, marines and their families, plus convicts from England on their way to establish the first European settlement in New South Wales.


This “First Fleet” of two Royal Navy escort ships, six convict transports, and three store ships carried a total of more than 1,500 men, women and children. Their voyage to Australia took more than 250 days.


The Fleet landed at Botany Bay on the east coast of Australia on 18 January 1788, then sailed on to Port Jackson on 26 January 1788. Captain Phillip named his chosen Port Jackson anchorage “Sydney Cove”, after Lord Sydney, the British Home Secretary.

Track List: [1:19:03]

Morgan’s Run – The Musical
CD Album released by ABC Classics.
CD ONE [62:06]
[1] Prologue 2:04
[2] Overture 5:36
[3] Sing our way to Botany Bay 4:48
[4] We are England’s misbegotten 3:53
[5] First there is the sea! 4:37
[6] Confrontation: Get your bloated blubber 4:14
[7] Interlude 0:35
[8] Look at them, my poor sheep 5:31
[9] On board Lady Juliana 10:48
[10] The flogging 6:04
[11] The death of Ike 1:26
[12] The beauty of God, the ugliness of man 4:05
[13] I believe in him 4:12
[14] Interlude 0:31
[15] The storm 6:22
CD TWO [56:97]
[1] But we can marry them 4:56
[2] The wedding 6:37
[3] On board Golden Grove 3:34
[4] Just watch the sawyers cut, boys! 4:01
[5] Shipwreck! 5:18
[6] Keep the marines in Kingston 3:54
[7] The finding of Kitty 4:13
[8] Speckled eyes 5:39
[9] Kitty and Lizzy clash 7:26
[10] Love is here to stay Finale 13:19
© Copyright: Colleen McCullough and Gavin Lockley 2010