14th February 2015
Symphony of Australia
Concert at Mayfiled Garden, Oberon NSW

Mayfield Garden is one of the world’s largest privately owned cool climate gardens, located three hours drive west of Australia’s largest city, Sydney. It provided the perfect backdrop for a performance of “Symphony of Australia” under the stars, co-produced with the regional orchestra, Macquarie Philharmonia, as part of the Bicentenary Celebrations of the regional city of Bathurst, nearby.


The concert was the first of its kind to performed at Mayfield Garden, attracted an audience of well over 3,000 people, and featured solo vocalists Renae Martin, Gavin Lockley, Helen Barnett, Julie O’Connor and Mark Brooker accompanied by the Macquarie Philharmonia under chief conductor Mark Shiell.


Mayfield Garden spokesperson Karyn Taylor was quoted in the “Western Advocate” newspaper as saying “It was just amazing… sitting on a hill overlooking the garden was really beautiful” and the report also stated that the performance of the Symphony “moved some audience members to tears”.


In July 2015, the “Symphony of Australia” concert subsequently toured with Macquarie Philharmonia, performing in the New South Wales regional centres of Bathurst, Dubbo and Young to sellout crowds.